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Muzmatch: the app that is dating the way in which Muslims find love

Muzmatch: the app that is dating the way in which Muslims find love

Shahzad Younas’s Muslim dating application assisted 15,000 partners meet and acquire hitched. He informs Amelia Heathman about contemporary love

The expression goes: ‘Muslims don’t date, we marry’,” claims Shahzad Younas, creator and CEO associated with the Muslim matching software Muzmatch. “It’s a generalised phrase but it strikes the nail in the head. If I’m fulfilling a lady, we’re both reasoning, is this person marriage product?”

Muzmatch is normally dubbed the Muslim Tinder but Younas just isn’t so satisfied with the contrast. It utilizes some typical structures that are dating-app such as for example swipes and likes, but alternatively of centering on casual hook-ups it’s all about assisting Muslims find anyone to marry.

Numerous Muslims are required to marry young also to somebody associated with the faith that is same. Choices consist of dealing with a matchmaker, which computer technology graduate Younas describes as “like getting your CV passed around” to get a partner that is appropriate. So that it had been back in 2014, after hearing their friends swap stories about dating battles, he chose to create an application that will make the dating process more “halal” — acceptable in religious law.

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