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University of Texas El Paso Boots Basketball Players for Gambling

University of Texas El Paso Boots Basketball Players for Gambling

Three UTEP Miners basketball players happen suspended following allegations of illegal recreations wagering

If you are a college sports fan, you almost certainly don’t think much about the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) as it pertains to teams. Sure, you might have heard of UTEP, but you are not too worried whenever your chosen group suits up to relax and play them, and you may not be selecting them to win a nationwide championship in basketball or football anytime soon. Of course their basketball group is in the headlines, you understand it is not likely for anything they will have done on the court.

Three Players Accused of Betting on Games

And that’s precisely true for the headlines coming out of UTEP this week. Three players were kicked off of the UTEP men’s basketball team after allegations were made against them pertaining to gambling on sports. Those allegations ultimately caused the institution to report the gambling to the FBI that is local field, and then take away the players from their team.

For those seeking something such as the 1994 Arizona State aim shaving scandal, however, it doesn’t appear that things went quite that far in this case. In line with the school, none of the three UTEP players involved are accused of shaving points or tossing games, and there’s no proof that some of them bet on games played by UTEP. Mentor Tim Floyd stated that the evidence he’s seen backs up this beli

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