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Hawaii Latest State to Crack Down on Sweepstakes Parlors

Hawaii Latest State to Crack Down on Sweepstakes Parlors

Hawaii: Sweepstakes machines such as this 1 have already been seized in current raids by Honolulu police. (Image:

For most Americans, Hawaii seems like an exotic destination, a place which you could go on a grand vacation to get away from their troubles. Unfortunately for the operators of sweepstakes cafes, the continuing state has decided that it is not a place where they’re going to be able to conceal.

Hundreds of charges have been filed against the owners and operators of sweepstakes machines in a major bust in Hawaii. A grand jury has came back an indictment that included 414 counts against three establishment owners and six additional employees, including unlawful charges of money laundering and gambling that is promoting.

So far, seven associated with nine people charged have now been arrested. The 2 remaining people, Mike Miller and Mike Madali, are currently in the mainland usa. Officials say they will be arrested on their come back to Hawaii.

Although the arrests and charges were sweeping, the Honolulu Police Department (HPD) has caused it to be clear that their research is far from over.

‘Those who possess it in their establishments, it would be smart to remove them because if they don’t, the HPD will be coming after them,’ said HPD significant Jerry Inouye.

Federal Judge Declares Machines Illegal

The move comes after federal judge Leslie Kobayashi granted the city of Honolulu’s motion for summary

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